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A weekly poetry column in The Wesleyan Argus. 


Fall '22-Spring '23. Edited by Sofia Baluyut.

THE COLUMN: 2022-2023


Editor: Sofia Baluyut '23

FALL 2022:

September 29, 2022: upon learning that 60% of wesleyan’s collections are Native American in origin By Sofia Baluyut

October 6, 2022: watch me dance By Jada Reid

October 13, 2022: thank you, in other words by Edmund Josef Jurado

October 31, 2022:  Our Bay in Atlantic City by Madison Macalintal

November 3, 2022: Praise Song by Emily Chen

November 14, 2022: leaving for school by Ethan Hyunoo Park

December 5, 2022: Tony by Aidan Fitzmaurice

SPRING 2023:

February 3, 2023: To Be a Poet by Banri (Mari) Saito

February 10, 2023: Ode to Beatrix Potter by Amanda Ding 

February 16, 2023: No matter what this world calls us, someone called us theirs by Ava Yuanshun Guralnick 

March 2, 2023: my memory is mine (and i love her even when she lies / and she loves me so she lies) by Genesis (Hennessy) Pimentel


Editor: Oliver Egger '23

FALL 2021:

September 16, 2021: Wesleyan Parents by Oliver Egger

September 23, 2021: 3:42 AM by John Bell 

October 7, 2021: allecto, queen of the furies by Casey Epstein-Gross

October 14, 2021: Where I Go When I Go to Walgreens by Emily Hollander 

October 28, 2021: Memories are the Scars by Take Care, Alice

November 4, 2021: Go Sarah! Go Rachel! by Jake Gale

November 11, 2021: REM Sleep by Jalen Richardson 

November 18, 2021: To Capture by Lila Blaustein 

December 2, 2021: The College Grad by Johnny Sails 

December 9, 2021: 200 Church by Briana Rodriguez 

SPRING 2022:

February 3, 2022: REFLECTIVE FLESH, 2002 by Jane Hollander

February 14, 2022: your face by Sabrina Tian 

February 17, 2022: Long Distance Relationship by Ronan Costello

February 28, 2022: Family by Michaela Poynor-Haas

April 4, 2022: The piano is all the body cannot do by Lilly Gitlitz

April 21, 2022: Sirocco by Annabel Asher

April 28, 2022: mid-march by Milly Hopkins

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