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Wesleyan University and Middletown, Connecticut's

Community of Writing, Art, and Publishing.

Pre-Owned Good Condition Out NOW! Click here to read!

Lavender Vol.9: Everything Is Not What It Seems OUT NOW! Click here to read!

Poems of our Climate Chapbook OUT NOW! Click here to read!


Read Wesleyan's Poetry, Prose, and Art Magazine. Vol.9: Everything Is Not What It Seems. Fall 2023.


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Route 9 is a literary collective that was founded in 2020 by Wesleyan student Oliver Egger. The collective publishes multiple magazines and literary projects a year at Wesleyan University and in Middlesex County, Connecticut. 

Currently we have four major projects:

-The Lavender:

Wesleyan University's bi-semester poetry and prose magazine.

Fall 2021: Inaugural Issue: Click here to read!

Winter 2021: Issue 2: Metamorphosis: Click here to read!

Early Spring 2022: Issue 3: Patterns: Click here to read!

Late Spring 2022: Issue 4: Fragment 94: Click here to read!

Fall 2022: Issue 5: Obsessions: Click here to read!

Winter 2022: Issue 6: The Unremarkable: Click here to read!

Spring 2023: Issue 7: Threshold: Click here to read!

Summer 2023: Issue 8: Graduation: Click here to read!

Fall 2023: Issue 9: Everything Is Not What It Seems: Click here to read!

-The Route 9 Anthology:

An anthology of poetry and prose by Wesleyan University students,

professors, and residents of Middletown, Connecticut.

Book released in September, 2022 by Wesleyan University Press.  Click here to order!

-Poems of Our Climate:

 A weekly poetry column run in The Wesleyan Argus. 

Read a chapbook of the Fall '22-Spring '23 column here!

-Pre-Owned, Good Condition: 

A new magazine of found art and writing at Wesleyan University. 

The content includes found poems, collage, letters, photography, lists, and more.

Issue One: Click here to read!

Issue Two: Click here to read!

Issue Three: Click here to read!

-Special Projects:

Everything else Route 9 is up to! Including but not limited to:

Sazón: Latin American Culture and Heritage Literary Magazine

Student-Faculty Reading Series

The Poetry Room Exhibit and Zine

Interested in starting your own magazine? Tell us your idea here!

Want to get involved? Email for more information!

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